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SaidFree.com User Guide:

Because there is no account setup process and there are no downloads needed to use this application- SaidFree.com is probably the easiest social medium (text) network to use.

To Create/Join Chat:

The chat named "Home" -case sensitive, is the general chat area where you can broadcast a chat you created or make generic comments. You can create or join a chat from the homepage by typing in the name of the chat you want to create or join and then by clicking on the “Create/Join” button located to the right of the main text field. For example, Ricky wants to create a chat for him and his friend Bobby. Ricky first goes to saidfree.com and types “RickyBobby” in the main text field then clicks on the “Create/Join” button. A dialog box pops up that asks “Conversation RickyBobby doesn’t exist. Create?” Ricky would then click on “yes.” After clicking on “yes” Ricky is then redirected to a chat shell inside the application that is labeled, at the top of the shell, “SaidFree.com :: RickyBobby”.

Note: Once inside the application you do not need to go back to the homepage to create or join a different chat. You can simply click on the “Create/Join Chat” link located in the upper left corner of the page. But, if you want to have different chats with different people at the same time, it is best to open a new tab in your browser for each new chat so you don’t leave the chat that you’ve already created in your first tab.

After Ricky creates the chat for him and Bobby, Ricky can then invite Bobby to join the chat. Bobby joins the chat the same way Ricky created the chat, mentioned above, with one small exception. Since the chat was already created by Ricky, when the second user (Bobby) clicks the “Create/Join” button from the homepage, a dialog box will appear that asks “Conversation RickyBobby exists already. Join?” The second user, Bobby, would simply click yes and then be redirected to the chat shell labeled, at the top of the shell, “SaidFree.com :: RickyBobby”.

Inviting friends to join your chat-based social-network:

The most common way for Ricky to invite Bobby to their own chat is for Ricky to text message Bobby “saidfree.com :: RickyBobby”, or simply “RickyBobby”- assuming both users know that the site to enter “RickyBobby” is saidfree.com. You can also email the name of the site and chat to a friend or verbally designate a chat at SaidFree.com when you talk to you friend in person.

Note: The names of chat conversations at saidfree.com are case-sensitive, so “rickybobby” will be a different chat conversation than “RickyBobby”.


Once the users enter their own chat shell, “RickyBobby”, they can then choose a NickName to use in that chat. Simply choose a NickName in the field labeled “NickName” and click the “ok” button located immediately to the right of the NickName field.

Note: If no NickName is specified, your comments will appear with the name “anonymous”. Because of the free and open nature of this communication application, sometimes you might not want to specify a NickName.

Some aspects of this application to consider:

Team SaidFree thanks you for your interest in our free speech project!

I understand how to use this application. Return to SaidFree.com